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What's the harm?  


What's the harm in a little irrationality?

One may question the harm of irrational beliefs. Why not let people get away with believing in astrology? What's the harm in reading horoscopes and visiting psychics?

According to WhatsTheHarm.net, belief in the paranormal has caused over 3,249 deaths, 225,551 injuries, and over $288,390,000 in economic losses (and counting!).

This page describes some examples of the dangers associated with irrationality.

Psychic's False Sex Abuse Claim

On May 30th, 2008, the mother of an eleven year old autistic girl received an urgent call from her to immediately return to the daughter's elementary school . Turns out that the teacher's assistant had consulted a psychic who reported that the daughter was being molested by a young man.

The Barrie, Ontario school principal and teacher insisted that they were obligated to report the alleged sexual abuse to the authorities. Luckily, the mother had a GPS tracking system with audio recorder that proved there was no sexual abuse. -- source: Skeptical Inquirer, Sept/Oct 2008